2023 Saanich Peninsula

Art Finlayson Community Engagement Award

Nomination Form:

Art Finlayson Community Engagement Award

The Art Finlayson Community Engagement Award celebrates an individual that demonstrates a commitment to the community beyond their usual business or life practices; has a long-term desire to build diverse, inclusive and balanced communities; makes a sustainable and tangible impact in the region; and displays a clear commitment to social responsibility.

Criteria for award:

  • Evidence that Social Responsibility is one of their tenets or pillars and the social, environmental, and financial outcomes are measurable (provide 3 examples in any or all categories)
  • Uses its resources, creativity, and community connectivity to excel at corporate citizenship and engage employees with their community (provide 2 examples) 
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the community outside of normal business practices and beyond their business or professional responsibility (provide evidence)
  • Recognizes and encourages exceptional activities such as but not limited to volunteerism, community-based learning, or research, outreach, partnerships and curricular engagement   
  • Evidence that the organization/business models diversity and inclusion in the workplace and business decision making