2023 Saanich Peninsula

Innovation Excellence Award

Nomination Form:

Innovation Excellence

The Innovation Excellence Award celebrates a business that has developed innovative business practices and/or continues to evolve product, services, and processes to respond to a changing business environment. The business exemplifies inclusivity and adaptability.

Criteria for award:

  • Evidence that the innovation may disrupt and reshape their industry by pushing conventional boundaries and through groundbreaking achievements in bringing innovation to market 
  • The development of a process, product or service that contributes to profitability and/or market share, demonstrated by the use of science or technology, that shows a high degree of originality, creativity, and/or experimentation
  • Evidence that effective adoption of the innovation will benefit customers and provide a positive impact on society and/or the community   
  • Evidence of usefulness, commercial relevance and projected success of the innovation in new or existing markets 
  • The actual or potential benefit of the new product or service