2023 Saanich Peninsula

Leader Of the Year

Nomination Form:

Leader of the Year

The Leader of the Year Award celebrates a business person who is the founder, CEO, President, or Senior Executive of a company who exhibits business leadership and vision; displays a significant commitment to the success of both their business and the region as a whole; serves as a positive role model or mentor for other business people; and exemplifies professional behaviour maintaining an upstanding reputation in the business community and region as a whole.

Criteria for award:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to advancing marketplace trust through integrity and ethical business practices 
  • Is a leader in progressing principles of inclusion and diversity in the workplace and in the community 
  • Serves as a positive role model or mentor for other business people and the future generation of business leaders 
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the community 
  • Exemplifies outstanding leadership skills in their own business and has made a notable and sustainable impact on the industry and the Saanich Peninsula region