Your Voice to Local Government!

While there are many other benefits to being a chamber member having a voice at the municipal level is by far the most important.

We understand that running your business successfully is a huge undertaking and requires a large input of your time. You do not have extra time to keep an eye on local municipal decisions that affect your company. Your support of the Saanich Peninsula Chamber ensures that there is someone poised to take on the tough issues. Our job is to question the decisions of local municipalities like Sidney, North Saanich, and Central Saanich.

We closely follow the municipal decisions that affect your business so you don’t have to.

We support your business locally in three ways:

  • We work with municipalities on a regular basis to help them understand the current business needs and climate.
  • We push for new ideas designed to help peninsula businesses that municipalities may not have thought about as they make decisions.
  • We oppose new local bylaws, regulations, taxes, assessments and costs that could negatively impact your business here on the Saanich Peninsula. 

We work with the BC Chamber to advocate Provincially:

As a member of the BC Chamber we work with them to identify the issues and policies that need to be advocated for on a provincial level.

On top of the multitude of local challenges businesses still face pressures from decisions made at a provincial level so it is important that we work closely with the BC Chamber to ensure that your needs are represented on a provincial as well.

Supporting the Chamber Protects Your Company

Every business should be a part of a local chamber because pooling our financial resources together as a business community is proven to protect our business interests locally. It is the best way we can ensure our needs are represented in local municipalities and to the province.

The Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce has been protecting your business interests locally since 1912 and will continue to advocate on your behalf.

Please join so that we can continue advocacy at the municipal level that represents, supports, and protects your businesses current and future needs.