As an international organization that has been around for more than 420 years, we have a lower than preferred profile with a certain demographic. Younger folk, to be specific.

That we remain largely unknown to young entrepreneurs presents a huge opportunity for us and for them, because of our many shared interests and values. What Chambers have always excelled at is in connecting members. We provide educational opportunities but our deep understanding of the business community allows us to put members in contact with others who can provide the strategic advice and support new entrepreneurs seek. Our community is highly resourced. Every sector is represented and business leaders are willing to assist when asked. Networking and collaboration can be done on and offline. We offer both.

Young people are highly idealistic and in supporting local they use their resources for the greater good. That we prioritize local businesses and make communities better places for people to live, work, and play, appeals to them. Our off and online branding and promotion creates a platform for new businesses to be noticed and for young entrepreneurs to gain credibility by association. And that includes their local appeal as well as their Google ranking. Also important are the opportunities to develop leadership skills through committee and board positions.

Some of the “perks” of being a chamber member include our cost savings programs. Extended health care coverage and savings on payment processing are only the tip of the discount iceberg. Financial capital is precious and we can help them save some money that will be put to good use elsewhere.

We welcome young entrepreneurs to bring their energy and business interests to our well-crafted, highly-functional, antique table. We have much to accomplish and learn from each other.

Denny Warner,
Executive Director



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