May 4th, 2021

Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce public statement In support of the proposed new Multi Storey Distribution Centre at 9899 MacDonald Park Road.

The Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce would like to express our support for the proposed York Realty Multi Storey Distribution Centre Development at 9899 MacDonald Park Road.
We recognize that the future success and health of our industry, tourism, and businesses are a large part of the economic recovery ahead of us as a region. Peninsula companies have been directly impacted by challenges due to the current continued travel and social restrictions imposed by the BC Government that are necessary to help protect our community and its citizens.

We believe that the economic stimulus that this project will bring will help with the sustainability of the peninsula in 3 ways.

1. New workers and jobs to the region – This facility and it’s construction will bring more workers to the community to help support local businesses like restaurants, coffeeshops, and retail establishments as well as providing much needed jobs for returning workforce in our region.
2. New tax revenues for the town of Sidney – This new tax revenue should help reduce the tax burden for both residential and commercial property owners by increasing the taxable property pool and spreading the municipal budget costs across one more property taxpayer.
3. New revenue for the Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) – We believe that the VAA and the Airport are crucial to the success and rebuilding of our economy and this increased revenue will help the VAA keep moving forward as their revenues have been drastically reduced by the ongoing travel restrictions.

While showing our support for the proposed project we would also like to raise the concern of the already existing traffic challenges in the West Sidney, South North Saanich, and VAA industrial areas specifically along the Beacon / McDonald Park Road corridor that was addressed in the March 26, 2021 Beacon West Traffic Study (File number: 2885.801) by the WATT Consulting Group. (Link Below)
This area is a unique meeting point of the Victoria Airport Authority lands, North Saanich, and Sidney, and will need the cooperation of all three parties to see the changes necessary for this region.

We would therefore like to encourage the VAA, North Saanich, and Sidney to take the opportunity to work together to implement the recommendations of the March 26, 2021 Beacon West Traffic Study (File number: 2885.801) with an emphasis on the following recommendations:

1. Re-alignment of Sterling Way to intersect Beacon at the same point as the Galaran Road intersection (Section 5.3 of Watt Traffic Study)
2. Installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Galaran, Beacon, and the above mentioned re-aligned Sterling Way. (Section 5.3 of Watt Traffic Study) 3. McDonald Park Road (North of Mills Road) corridor upgrades including: (Section 6.1 of WATT traffic study)
1. Installing a multi-use pathway on the west side of McDonald Park Road 2. Installation of sidewalk on the east side.
We believe that with the future growth of this intersecting area of Sidney, North Saanich, and the VAA property, these are crucial and overdue infrastructure upgrades that will make this corridor a better place for both residential and commercial tenants.

AL Smith
Executive Director

Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
10382 Pat Bay Highway, North Saanich, BC

WATT Beacon West Traffic Study March 26, 2021 pdf?handle=0AC79E59F545489FBE83DBA6BCB8E0E2

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