Toxic Land Application by CRD

The CRD is spreading toxic biosolids at Hartland landfill.

Peninsula businesses are worried about the health of their staff, residents, and businesses. and are asking the CRD to immediately stop the harmful land application of biosolids and follow through with their promised biosolids disposal plans. This will ensure a healthy, safe, prosperous community for residents and businesses.

The CRD (Capital Regional District) is going against its own 2011 ban on the land application of toxic biosolids by spreading 10 tons a day at Victoria’s Hartland Landfill. Wind and rain erosion disperses these forever chemicals into the neighbouring farms, fields, wells, forests, watersheds, and food chains. This is putting local businesses, staff, and residents at risk.

Biosolids include toxic elements that will never break down. This means that these land spread toxins will affect the community forever if we don’t stop this immediately.

Minimum surrounding areas that will be impacted are:

  • Todd Inlet, Lowland-Tod Provincial Park, Butchart Gardens, Mt. Work, Prospect Lake, Elk / Beaver Lake, Middle Lake, Second Lake, Third Lake, Saanichton, Brentwood Bay, Cordova Bay, Most regional Farms, First Nation Territories of Pauqauchin, Tseycum, Malexel, Tsartlip, Tsawout.

4 things you should do:

  • Learn more with the video and links below
  • Contact the CRD Board at and let them know you oppose the land application of biosolids in the CRD.
  • Contact your local elected officials and urge them to support the longstanding CRD ban on the land application of biosolids.
  • Share this page and the below video with your friends and ask them to do the same to protect our local environment, public health, and food security.

Watch this video to learn more.

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