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Chamber Press Release Staffing

Workforce headed for crisis on Saanich Peninsula with potential 27 percent drop by 2036 . (more) – March 28, 2024

Chamber launches Right to Housing Campaign

Chamber interviews for article on peninsula economic resilience, livability, and workforce . (more) – Feb 15, 2024

Our staff have the right to adequate housing.

Housing now costs workers are now over 70% of their gross household income! In 2001 it was only 30%. Housing costs are the cornerstone reason that businesses are struggling to fill jobs with qualified staff. (more) – Feb 14, 2024

Business suffering under shrinking workforce.

Saanich Peninsula Businesses are struggling to hire, recruit, and retain staff. (more) – Jan 15, 2024

Radio Sidney Interview with AL Smith

Thanks Peter Wainwright for dropping in to the Chamber for this interview. Check out what the chamber is unto and get a deeper understanding of the role of the Chamber locally going forward. (more) – Nov 21, 2023

NEWS – PNR Article by Chamber – Housing

Read the article published in the Peninsula News Review written by the Saanich Peninsula Chamber about the cost of housing for the average working family on the Peninsula. (more) Sept 13, 2023