Our staff have the right to affordable housing!

Join us for food, drinks, and lots of laughs!

October 25, 2024 – Checkin 10 am – Starts 11 am.


Join us for another tour of industry on the Saanich Peninsula

October 25, 2024 8am to 5pm
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CRD spreads toxic biosolids

Irresponsible land application of biosolids at Hartland landfill will impact community health for generations.

Since 2022 the CRD is going against their own policies by spreading biosolids waste an Hartland Landfill.

CTV Feature Peninsula Housing Crisis

Historical discriminatory municipal policies causing housing crisis

We have lost 7% of our workforce

Saanich Peninsula Businesses are struggling to hire, recruit, and retain staff.

Between 2016 and 2021 there is 7% less people working in the region and we are estimated to loose another 20% by 2036
We are working behind the scenes to raise awareness and help build solutions to overcome this challenge. If we don’t act fast business will be unsustainable on the Saanich Peninsula in the near future.


More members means better data, more accurate advocacy, and a stronger more unified impact.

For a limited time, if you invite other companies to join the chamber and two of them join, your next years base membership fee is free.
The Chamber is the only business membership driven organization protecting your business environment on the Saanich Peninsula.

Do any of these apply to your business?

The high living costs of my local community are constraining my access to talented resources.

The regional transportation constraints affect the commute for my employees and discourages customers.

Local policies and bylaws are making it hard to run my business.

I need to stretch my dollar to get the best exposure possible within the community.

We Support our Community

Our members are big contributors to the healthy amazing lifestyle and area we all love to call home. They provide the daily services you need and contribute to municipal revenue to helps build the parks, roads, and community amenities you love .

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More Reasons to Join the Chamber!

Better Community

You are contributing to making your community better for you, your staff, and it’s residence.

Improved Economy

Businesses provide the money municipalities need for infrastructure through taxes, jobs, and giving.

Increased Reputation

Being a Chamber member tells the community that you support your staff and the community around it.

Greater Awareness

Your business benefits from the visibility the Chamber brings to it through events and public recognition.

Group Insurance Plan

SEO & Search Plan


Sky-High rents are a drag on the Canadian economy
Globe & Mail – August 22, 2022

Affordability target demands 570,000 new homes in B.C.
Western Investor – August 11, 2022

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